Cotton Plants & Insects

Well, a few days ago we spied an interesting visitor in our cotton plants. Then over the next couple of days, we spied a few more.  So, we took a photo of the visitor and sent it off to the Extension Program at the University of Maryland.  The visitor has been identified as the: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug.  This particular species originated in Asia but has recently made the United States (Northeast) its new home. It likes to eat cotton plants, crab apple trees (of course, we have one in our side yard) and many other types of trees and plants.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Nymph

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Nymph

The Extension Program at the University of Maryland also recommended this site:

HGIC Plant Diagnostic Web Site

The site has great information and other links for more information.  If you have horticultural questions or insect questions, I highly recommend contacting the Ask An Expert .  They respond quickly and provide excellent information.


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    Kimmen said,

    Last year our house was full of those things- they have no natural enemies in the US, so the population has exploded. I just grabbed them with a paper towel and threw them back outside.- you definitely don’t want to squash them, because they are not called stink bugs for nothing.

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      fullofiber said,

      Thanks for reading our blog! This is our first year dealing with stink bugs. I even found one clinging to a curtain in our bedroom. Unfortunately, stink bugs will destroy cotton bolls, so we have sprayed our cotton plants with food safe insect spray; we would prefer not use any type of sprays. We hope you visit our blog again and hopefully see some cotton! Thanks, Fullofiber

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