Hand-Painted Roving

Last Sunday, we visited a friend’s house to experiment with dyeing fiber.  Fortunately, the weather was sunny, so we dyed our fiber outside. We used Pro Chemical & Dye acid dyes for animal fibers.   This was our first time hand-painting roving, so we were not sure of the end result.  After the fiber was hand-painted, it had to steam in a kettle for about 30 minutes and then cool completely.  When we got home, the fiber needed to be rinsed and dried.  Since it was a clear night, we decided to dry the roving outside on a drying rack.  In the middle of the night, we were awakened by flashes of light–lighting (a storm was brewing). So, we ran downstairs to rescue our fiber. After all of our work, we couldn’t let our fiber felt.  Now our fiber is dry and  we are happy with the results. We are already planning another day to trying hand-painting roving again!

Hand-Painted Roving

Hand-Painted Roving


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    Susan said,

    Love the colors…………. what r u going to knit?

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