Cotton Plant: Diseases

Well, we have another new development with our cotton plants.  Fungus! Thanks to Dotty at the Texas AgriLife Extension (Dallas Research and Extension Center) who provided us with great information on cotton plant diseases and pests. The Extension Program is an invaluable resource; don’t hesitate to contact your local Extension Program.

Here’s the information Dotty provided:

You may have the beginning of a fungus.
Pick off the leaves with the spots. If this is a fungus, leaving the leaves on will spread the disease. A fungus as it develops will produce spores. These spores will splash onto other leaves. The leaves with spots will only deteriorate. Pick them off and any other leaves that develop. If you have caught this in time, I am not sure any treatment is necessary but if you see more, a fungicide is justified.

Water only the soil. Add a mulch layer in the pot. You want to avoid water and soil splashing on the leaves. Not watering the foliage will help and a mulch will prevent soil splashing on the leaves.

The bolls look great.

Please go to this web site to see pictures and learn more about the cotton diseases. You have to remember this is a major agriculture pot, so this publication is detailed.

I always encourage teachers to plant cotton and peanuts to show the student how these major crops are grown. Good for you!

Brown Cotton Leaves

Brown Cotton Leaves

Cotton Leaves & Bolls

Cotton Leaves & Bolls


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