Dyeing with Eucalyptus: Dyeing Day

Roving Dyed with Eucalyptus

Roving Dyed with Eucalyptus

Well, last weekend we finally decided to try dyeing with eucalyptus.  Unfortunately, our results were not the desirable shades of red and orange but rather a buttery beige.  After surfing the web, we discovered many variables can affect the final color when dyeing with eucalyptus. The color depends on: what season the eucalyptus is harvested, how much rain,  the proportion of eucalyptus to the fiber, mineral content in the water (we used rain water) soaking time and species.  In our case, we have no idea when the eucalyptus was harvested or what species but we did follow the package instructions.

To our surprise, Jenny Dean, an experienced natural dyer, didn’t get beautiful shades of red or orange either when she tried dyeing with eucalyptus from her garden.  Jenny has written several books: Wild Colour and The Craft of Natural Dyeing just to name a few.  They are definitely worth checking out if you are interested in natural dyeing.

Well, maybe we will try this again in the future.

For additional information:

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus:  this recipe includes potential results with various mordants and interesting experiences from other dyers.


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