Cotton: End of the Season

Well, we waited until November 21st to finally compost our cotton plants.  At this point, our temperatures during the day are too cool for healthy cotton boll production.  In order for cotton plants to thrive, the temperature must be 65 degrees or warmer.  We now have several potential cotton bolls  drying in a sunny window.  Our other option was to compost everything but we figure we have nothing to lose but a little bit of space in our kitchen.  If the bolls open, great…if they don’t… at least we tried.

It is a little disheartening to see all the potential bolls, so late in the season that will never open.  On the positive side, there is always next year.  Our next step is to try to spin some of our gorgeous cotton.

Second Batch of Green Cotton

Second Batch: Green Cotton


Pima: In the Vegetable Garden

Pima: In the Vegetable Garden


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    Dan said,

    Woohoo cotton! I just had Becky explain the difference between knitting and crocheting… I had no idea. Happy Thanksgiving.

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