Shearing Day @ Feederbrook Farm

Today, 16 ewes and our Lil Abner got sheared! This is Lil Abner’s first time getting sheared and he did very well. In addition, he received his CD&T vaccination (protects against overeating and tetanus) and his hooves trimmed. But upon his return to the barnyard, Lil Abner decided to take a detour and run around the farm first.  Thankfully, he saw the barn door was open and returned on his own.

Emily Chamelin skillfully sheared all 17 sheep; she has been shearing for 10 years. While shearing, Emily explained that Shetland Sheep are considered a primitive breed that naturally begins to shed between the second week of March through the first week of May.  The shedding process is called rooing.  It causes a weak spot or break in their fleece.

We are looking forward to processing Lil Abner’s fleece, especially since this is his first shearing.


Ava & Emily

Ava & Emily


Lil Abner (Before)

Lil Abner (Before)


Lil Abner (After)

Lil Abner (After)


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  1. 1

    Bonnie Lease said,

    What fun! Lil Abner is precious.

  2. 2

    Susan said,

    He is so cute….. looks very silvery (if that’s a word)!

  3. 3

    Susan said,

    watched the video on the blog. couldn’t bring it up on the e-mail.
    Lil’ Abner looked like he was enjoying the shearing! Didn’t realize they get it all in one piece.

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