Fiber Festivals & Rare Sheep Breeds

This past weekend was the 38th Annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. If you are a fiber enthusiast, it’s the place to be the first weekend in May. With all the fiber possibilities, it is sensory overload; however, we would not miss a chance to go!

For the past two years, we have spent more time visiting the sheep and gathering information on the various breeds. This year we discovered the Soay Sheep. They are considered a primitive breed like Shetland Sheep.  We also discovered they are considered “At Risk” according to the  Rare Breeds Survival Trust List (UK sheep breeds).  The “At Risk” category corresponds to 900 to 1500 sheep in existence. In addition, we saw Clun Forest, California Variegated Mutant  (CVM), and Hog Island Sheep–all registered as rare breeds on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

CVM (Badger Face)

CVM (Badger Face)

Clun Forest & Nursing Lambs

Clun Forest & Nursing Lambs


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