Washing Icelandic Fleece

Icelandic Fleece

Icelandic Fleece

Icelandic Fleece Lock

Icelandic Fleece Lock

In October, we headed to the Hudson Valley for the New York Sheep & Wool Festival (Rhinebeck, NY). I proised myself I would not  purchase any fleece but I couldn’t help myself.  I am very interested in the primitive breeds and I fell in love with this beautiful Icelandic fleece.  The fleece is from a five month old lamb from the Common Threads Farm.  Who could resist a soft, lamb fleece!

Once I got the fleece home, I started to read more about the breed. I found out the fleece felts if you look at it crossed-eyed. So, naturally, I hesitated…..hesitated for a few months worrying I might felt the fleece while trying to wash it. Finally, I got over my fear and I started to wash the fleece. I am washing it in small batches and I have a bit more to go.  My husband keeps saying what smells in the kitchen, it must be the fleece but I happily ignore his protests.

I found some great information on Icelandic fleece:

All about Icelandic Fleece

Washing Instructions for Icelandic Fleece and Yarn

Stay tuned for more posts about Icelandic Fleece….


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