Originally, this post was going to be titled Grieving Lessons; however, with the recent passing of a dear friend, I decided to focus on honoring those who have passed on.

This past winter was a devastating time for us. We said goodbye to Sam, our Soay wether  and  Rita our Australorp who died of ovarian cancer. Rather than go into great detail about their passing, I would like to say they made a lasting impact on our lives.  Sam was the leader of the flock; he had a beautiful fleece that I am going to process, spin and enter into Maryland Sheep & Wool for 2018 in his honor. His sibling Olympic is now the leader of the flock. Rita was a ninja chicken; no worm was safe when Rita was around; she was so beautiful when she became broody. I wish I had a picture to share.

We truly miss them everyday. Our pasture looks empty without Sam and the chickens are lonely without Rita.

Through all of the sadness, I tried to focus on what my dear husband always says to me…

“Are you better for knowing them” and of course I always say, Yes.


Sam and Olympic

Sam and Olympic




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