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Hay Harvest 2018: First Cutting

Due to the torrential rain storms, our first hay harvest was delayed until the weekend of June 15th. We started to bale our hay on Friday evening; however, despite the lights on Stella (our Kubota tractor) darkness set in and we could no longer see. It was an interesting experience! With the help of our brother-in-law, we finished baling and storing the hay on Saturday afternoon. Thanks Jim!

This harvest was very challenging: torrential rain delays, the knotter on the baler tied some bales and not others, the tractor grumbled to a start, the hay elevator motor was smoking despite  being a new motor and tempers were short.;  Of course, it was hot, maybe not as hot as now but still hot!

Thankfully, we finished our harvest (300 bales) and we are eternally grateful to Jim for lending us a hand!







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Pickle: A Herdwick Sheep

While wandering through the sheep barns at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, I spied a Herdwick Sheep. I was so surprised! I immediately stopped and learned that Pickle is 76.6% Herdwick and he is part of a breeding program in the United States. I have wanted some Herdwick fiber for a long time and now I have a source. Pickle lives on Helder-Herwyck Farm in East Berne, New York.



Pickle: A Herdwick Sheep

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Shearing Day 2018

On Saturday, March 31st, we sheared our sheep. The  weather looked hopeful but April showers soon followed. Hopefully, the sun will shine soon!


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Flax: A Bast Fiber



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Sheep Shearers: In Vogue

In the October 20th American Sheep Industry Weekly,  I read a headline titled “Women Shearers Featured in Vogue “.  I was surprised to see an article about shearing in Vogue. At the same time, I was thinking….this is awesome!

Of course, I clicked on the link and read the article; the featured shearers share their stories, passion, dedication and unexpected rewards obtain through shearing. Hopefully, anyone who reads the article will gain a new appreciation for all of their dedication and work and gain a better understanding of the process from sheep to yarn.

Here’s the link:

Women of the Wool: For the Women Who Shear Sheep in California and Oregon, Hard Work and Unexpected Rewards

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Winding Yarn into Balls

Recently, I came across a gem of a video on  Kate Larson’s blog titled: Happiness Is: Winding Yarn into Balls.  I cannot wait to give it a whirl!

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A Revolution in Handspinning: An Animated Tale

I came across a short article in the Spring 2017 Spin-Off magazine titled: “Revolution’s Evolution” (pg. 16) featuring a stop action video by Andrea Love for Hansen’s Crafts depicting the history of handspinning.


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