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It’s Hay Time: First Cutting 2017

The weather finally cooperated so we were able to bale hay last weekend! Our first cutting yielded 220 bales.  We bought a new to us hay elevator, too.


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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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Winnie Enjoying Our Hay!


Winnie (Shetland Sheep)

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Hay Testing

A few weeks ago, The Mill offered free hay testing. In order to get more accurate results, we purchased a hay probe bale sampler; it attaches to a  cordless drill.  The probe drills into the hay bale and chews up the hay for easier testing. The sample bag (a gallon bag) is attached to keep the sample free of contamination. We tested both our first and second cutting; our hay is right on target for good nutrition for our sheep. It’s really a good feeling to know we are growing, harvesting and providing hay for our sheep.  The sheep definitely enjoy our hay!


Hay Sampling Tools


Hay Sampling in Action

Hay Sample

Hay Sample



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Our First Shearing Day!

We were very nervous about our first shearing day. Thankfully, everything went well.  Kristen Rosser did a great job! And a special thank you to Mother Nature who gave us a chilly day rather than a wet, snowy day as first predicted.

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Snowy Day!

Yesterday, the sheep were out in pasture and generally enjoying the day.  Nettle was running up and sliding down the frozen compost pile.  I wish I had a camera to capture Nettle playing.  It was a sight to see!  Today, the wind is gusting, the snow is blowing and the sheep are huddled inside the barn.

Winnie and Nettle did come out for a few minutes while Abner looked on from inside.


snowy barn








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Fleece Navidad!

From Our Flock to Yours….Merry Christmas!



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