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New Peeps on the Block!

Our little peeps just turned four weeks old on June 30th. They are growing like weeds. Here’s the gang:

Gidget: Buff Orpington

Bea: Buff Orpington

Gertie:  Australorp

Bertie: Jersey Giant



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Winnie Enjoying Our Hay!


Winnie (Shetland Sheep)

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Hay Day: 205 Bales!

Every day we thought about cutting hay it would rain or storm. The barn  needed a few more finishing touches. It was a race against time! The barn was finished on Wednesday. Finally, we were able to cut and bale our hay this past weekend.  Besides having to replace the clutch on the baler, that included a ride to Messick’s in Elizabethtown, PA, the day went off without a hitch. Thanks to the great efforts of our neighbors who volunteered to help us. Now, we definitely need a hay elevator!

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Fleece Navidad!

From Our Flock to Yours….Merry Christmas!



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