New Peeps on the Block!

Our little peeps just turned four weeks old on June 30th. They are growing like weeds. Here’s the gang:

Gidget: Buff Orpington

Bea: Buff Orpington

Gertie:  Australorp

Bertie: Jersey Giant



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It’s Hay Time: First Cutting 2017

The weather finally cooperated so we were able to bale hay last weekend! Our first cutting yielded 220 bales.  We bought a new to us hay elevator, too.

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Life Goes On: New Arrivals

On New Years  Day, we received a phone call from Sweetwater Farm that our lambs had arrived. We were both excited and nervous because we were not expecting them until March. The barn was not ready for them. Then we found out our lambs were already eight weeks old; they were born in November.  And what a surprise!  We made plans to bring them home the week of the March snowstorm. Of course our area received nine inches of snow, so their arrival was delayed. Our lambs finally came home on Good Friday.

Introducing Poppy and Leo: Olde English Babydoll Southdowns

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Originally, this post was going to be titled Grieving Lessons; however, with the recent passing of a dear friend, I decided to focus on honoring those who have passed on.

This past winter was a devastating time for us. We said goodbye to Sam, our Soay wether  and  Rita our Australorp who died of ovarian cancer. Rather than go into great detail about their passing, I would like to say they made a lasting impact on our lives.  Sam was the leader of the flock; he had a beautiful fleece that I am going to process, spin and enter into Maryland Sheep & Wool for 2018 in his honor. His sibling Olympic is now the leader of the flock. Rita was a ninja chicken; no worm was safe when Rita was around; she was so beautiful when she became broody. I wish I had a picture to share.

We truly miss them everyday. Our pasture looks empty without Sam and the chickens are lonely without Rita.

Through all of the sadness, I tried to focus on what my dear husband always says to me…

“Are you better for knowing them” and of course I always say, Yes.


Sam and Olympic

Sam and Olympic



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A Shepherd’s View: Book Recommendation

Whether you own sheep, spin, weave, knit or do anything fiber related, James Rebanks’ latest book “A Shepherd’s View: Modern Photographs from an Ancient Landscape” is worth a read. Rebanks disperses beautiful photographs throughout his collection of essays. He lives in Matterdale located in the English Lake District where he raises Herdwick sheep.

Here’s a peek into the daily life of James Rebanks:


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Happy St. Distaff Day!

St. Distaff Day

It’s time to get spinning! Since January 7th is the first day after the twelve days of Christmas, it is known as St. Distaff Day or Rock Day. In Medieval times, this was the day when women returned to household chores including spinning. A distaff is a tool used to hold flax or wool while spinning. Happy Spinning!

St. Distaff’s Day; Or, the Morrow after Twelfth-day

Partly work and partly play
You must on St. Distaffs Day:
From the plough soon free your team;
Then cane home and fother them:
If the maids a-spinning go,
Burn the flax and fire the tow.
Bring in pails of water then,
Let the maids bewash the men.
Give St. Distaff’ all the right:
Then bid Christmas sport good night,
And next morrow every one
To his own vocation.’

Robert Herrick

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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