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Hay Harvest 2018: First Cutting

Due to the torrential rain storms, our first hay harvest was delayed until the weekend of June 15th. We started to bale our hay on Friday evening; however, despite the lights on Stella (our Kubota tractor) darkness set in and we could no longer see. It was an interesting experience! With the help of our brother-in-law, we finished baling and storing the hay on Saturday afternoon. Thanks Jim!

This harvest was very challenging: torrential rain delays, the knotter on the baler tied some bales and not others, the tractor grumbled to a start, the hay elevator motor was smoking despite  being a new motor and tempers were short.;  Of course, it was hot, maybe not as hot as now but still hot!

Thankfully, we finished our harvest (300 bales) and we are eternally grateful to Jim for lending us a hand!







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Winter Stores: 2nd Cutting




On August 26th, we harvested our 2nd cutting of hay.  Since our area experienced a drought, this cutting only yielded 166 hay bales. It’s hard to believe everywhere around us had rain and we did not. Right now, our sheep are still enjoying pasture so fingers crossed we have pasture for a while longer.

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It’s Hay Time: First Cutting 2017

The weather finally cooperated so we were able to bale hay last weekend! Our first cutting yielded 220 bales.  We bought a new to us hay elevator, too.

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Hay Testing

A few weeks ago, The Mill offered free hay testing. In order to get more accurate results, we purchased a hay probe bale sampler; it attaches to a  cordless drill.  The probe drills into the hay bale and chews up the hay for easier testing. The sample bag (a gallon bag) is attached to keep the sample free of contamination. We tested both our first and second cutting; our hay is right on target for good nutrition for our sheep. It’s really a good feeling to know we are growing, harvesting and providing hay for our sheep.  The sheep definitely enjoy our hay!


Hay Sampling Tools


Hay Sampling in Action

Hay Sample

Hay Sample



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